Moving to Opportunity, an All-American Economic Experiment

In the mid-1990’s the Department of Housing and Urban Development (henceforth HUD) began what would be one of the largest government-led social experiments you have never heard of. While law enforcement and elected officials monopolized media attention by popularizing the term super-predator and implementing “broken windows” policing, HUD hypothesized the following: high-crime neighborhoods keep impoverished families poor. To prove this, HUD randomized 4600 families with children from New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Chicago into three categories:

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Let Them Vote: How Voter Enfranchisement Changed Nations

My first blog post, found on a policy blog. Here’s an excerpt.

Looking back on Election 2016 one thing managed to stand out, to me, among unusual political banter. Our federal government did very little to protect the voting rights of our nation’s marginalized communities. President Obama stood idly by when state GOP affiliates blocked voters access in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Arizona. This begs what should be a lingering question on the American conscious for years to come: what if we let them vote?

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Here’s an interesting graphic I copied from the Miller 2008 paper. Notice how Women’s suffrage was first passed in the “frontier” states.

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